The Gerontology research institute is a private institution, specializing in professional and scientific research in the fields of gerontology, social security, education, management, organization, and other social sciences. In addition, the institute actively develops different national as well as international projects and is involved in execution of project activities. Our professionals carry out different counseling activities and training on current topics from different fields.

In the field of research and project development, the key value of the Gerontology Research Institute is complying with the high standards of ethical research, project development, and collaboration with different institutions and social groups.

The mission of the Gerontology Research Institute, whose main objective is excellence in research and project development, is oriented on responsibility towards researchers and project partners, all those included in our research and projects, and towards the users of our research and project results.

The Gerontology Research Institute’s vision is focused on excellence in research and project development in the field of gerontology and other social sciences, where we strive to become the leading private gerontology research institute in Slovenia and broader within the next five years.

With professional, research, and scientific approaches, the Gerontology Research Institute aims to contribute to the understanding of current social changes, generated by modern demographic and other social processes in the field of social and gerontological science. Understanding and responding to the needs of today’s demographic structure of the Slovenian and European population, a consequence of either natural or migration population change, is the primary professional and research focus for the Gerontology Research Institute to prepare reports, studies, research, papers, and national and international projects. The Gerontology Research Institute conducts research on dimensions of social, economic, and technology change, as well as multicultural and intergenerational approaches on all levels of social environment – local, regional, national, and transnational level.

The Gerontology Research Institute is affiliated with several national and international institutions on different areas of understanding the multicultural, gerontological, intergenerational, and general social context. Institute activities are performed by respected professionals, who are professionally active especially in the fields of gerontology, migration problematic, education, general and project management, economy, organization, demographics, non-profit sector, volunteering, team work, and research methodology.

Currently, the Gerontology Research Institute is particularly active in development of several national and international project for different professional institutions in Slovenia. In the field of social security, the Gerontology Research Institute is lately especially active in collaboration with Social Chamber of Slovenia.